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How to Grow Blueberries

Since most blueberry bushes may grow very high, planting a dwarf variety is the best option for a patio or other urban garden. Blueberry bushes start producing after about three years, so if you purchase a crop that is a couple of years old as opposed to beginning from seed, you will get berries in a more timely manner.
We prefer the dwarf ‘ Tophat ‘ or any of BrazelBerries ‘ fascinating variations such as ‘ Jellybean ‘ or ‘ Peach Sorbet ‘ – all ideal for containers.

Acid soil with pH between 4.0 and 5.5 is favoured by dwarf blueberries. To order to test your soil pH, you should purchase test kits from your local nursery. If your soil pH is too high, you should apply peat moss to bring it down; if your soil pH is too low, you should attach some dolomite lime to the ground. If you prefer, you can also buy acid soil from nurseries.

Develop blueberries in a big pot as they need to develop well in vacuum. 12′′-16′′ should be enough in diameter.

Help remove the guesswork in selecting the right size pots for your crops, we have compiled a list of widely grown herbs, vegetables, fruits and flowers along with the minimum pot sizes that needs.


Keep well watered and ensure good drainage of your container. Usually this means watering every day in hot weather.

Fertilize twice every year, once at the start of the season and then again at the end of the season. Blueberries use an acid fertilizer such as rhododendron or azalea names. This works equally well, whether granular or water.

Where Can I Grow It?

Grow blueberries in a safe, bright place outdoors.

Some varieties are self-pollinating, which means you need only one plant to produce fruit. There are also plenty of types, however, that allow you to have more than one for proper pollination and fruit development. Keep an eye out when you buy your plants, especially if you only have room for one!

Growing Tips

Dwarf blueberry bushes achieve a full size of 12-36′ tall, much smaller than the full size versions of 5 to 6 feet.

Blueberries may take a year or two to establish themselves before they bear any fruit, depending on the age of the plant when you get it.

You can use coffee grounds as a cheap blueberry fertilizer that helps acidify the soil. Occasionally sprinkle the recycled coffee grounds around your blueberry plants to improve them.

Companion Planting
When planted with strawberries, the blueberries grow well, as the strawberries have ground cover to keep the soil moist and damp (just like it!). Stop growing tomato plants with blueberries.

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