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6 Vaseline Hacks & Uses For Gardeners & Farmers

You can do wonders in your garden with a jar of Vaseline in your home. Here are 6 uses and hacks of Vaseline for all the gardeners who work!

Previously, you must be reading about the marvels Vaseline can do when applied topically. But there are some Vaseline Uses and Hacks for the gardeners, learn them below.

1. Keep your Tools and Equipment Clean From Rust

Using Vaseline to keep garden tools in top condition. After working with tools to protect them from rust, apply a layer of vaseline on blades and edges.

2. Stay Out Of Ants

Thanks to its thick and oily appearance, Vaseline performs well when it comes to controlling bees and other pests such as them. So, if you’re in your home or garden facing the ant invasion – dab some Vaseline on their entry points, hideouts and tracks.

3. Keep Squirrels away from Bird Feeders and Birdhouses

In this article one of the best applications of Vaseline. A chemical-free, healthy and organic trick to drive squirrels away from bird feeders or wherever you don’t want them to be – coat the bird feeder pole with oil jelly. With them, this will build a slippery surface and stay away from bird feeders.

4. Apply Vaseline on your Palms And Hands after Gardening

While dealing with dirt in the garden, add Vaseline to your hands to moisturize them. Vaseline is prescribed by dermatologists for dry skin and eczema. It’s safe and cheap from chemicals. A 1993 published clinical study showed that it not only protects the moisture in your body, but also restores the dry skin damaged fat cells.

5. Make Fake Plants Clean & Glossy

It may be harmful by spreading vaseline on the leaves of natural plants. You can, however, use it to make your artificial plants look vibrant and organic. It’s a quick hack of Vaseline. Wash the dust and, with Vaseline, brush the leaves.

6. Discourage Bugs from Climbing up on Trees

If you want to deter insects climbing on plants and trees in your yard, Vaseline will help you, particularly ants known for their mealybug and aphid farming. Paint around the tree trunk, stem, or plant stalk a dense band like Vaseline sheet (avoid smearing Vaseline on plant leaves). This is going to catch the ants and stop traffic.

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