Secret Family Formula That Will Make Your Plants Grow Like Crazy

Now for the RECIPE Secret Family!! For as long as my dear hubby can recall, this plant food recipe has been a hush-hush family secret! But why don’t you share a good thing that works wonderfully! Plant hormones – Yep, that’s what I call it.

  • 1 Cup Ammonia
  • 1 Cup Shampoo
  • 8 oz  Beer
  • 1 Sleeve of Miracle Gro

Now, Stick with ME! I’ll walk you through the entire process! It can get kind of confusing! (As you can see from the amount of comments AND questions! )

This is the kind of Miracle Gro you will need to buy! I get asked a lot if you can swap out… Just stick with this it works!

Mix the MiracleGro packet, shampoo, ammonia, and beer mix with a paint stick in a LARGE 5-gallon bucket  – This mixture will be POTENT and can stain so use caution! (concrete included)

This is why using a sprayer is ESSENTIAL! Do NOT dump the mixture on your plants or grass directly! The mixture is intended to be highly diluted with water!

Portion out and fill the sprayer to the full point and attach to your garden house – Then spray plants while the hose is on! This will ensure that the mixture is properly diluted and allow for it’s magic to work!

Feel free to spray on any plant, or flower that grows above ground! You’ll have bigger bushes, flowers, and pretty much any else than you ever thought possible!! Your plants will get insanely big! And don’t be surprised if your neighbors start asking you what you have been doing differently with your plants!

We apply the mixture about every two weeks all spring and summer long! It is easy to throw together and do once you get the hang of it! (Just dump any leftovers – it does not keep for next application)

The Ammonia provides Nitrogen the plants need; The Shampoo opens the plants so that nutrients can get to the roots, The Miracle -Gro is the plant food, and The Beer acts as a catalyst to speed up the growth of the plant!

Kind of crazy right! But trust me it works!

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