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10 Non-Toxic Houseplants That Won’t Harm Your Pets

Is there anything that can brighten up your home faster than some beautiful houseplants? The quick answer…is no. However if you find yourself worried that your furry friend might get into trouble due to your precious houseplants then keep on reading. Here we’ve come up with 10 totally non-toxic houseplants that you can have in and around your home without having to worry about your pets safety. Not to mention how attractive they are. This list was put together by researching all kinds of different articles and reading some old school books. Without further ado here are those gorgeous plants we’ve promised.

The following plants are non-toxic to both cats and dogs:

  1. Bamboo
  2. Pearl Plant
  3. Spice Orchid
  4. Blue Echeveria
  5. Pony Tail Palm
  6. Christmas Cactus
  7. Hens and Chickens
  8. Areca or Golden Palm
  9. Cliff Brake or Button Fern
  10. Burro’s Tail or Lamb’s Tail

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