All About Hanging Succulents

Recently there has been a TON of succulent lovers out there. A lot of you would be delighted to know how to display these awesome plants. So keep on reading to find out 11 different ways of hanging succulents! Because nothing looks prettier than a green that is cascading down the sides of a pot! So take a look at this article and consider getting yourself a few of these hanging succulents!

Hanging Succulents 1: String of Bananas – Senecio radicans

This is one of my favorite decorative hanging succulents! It looks so adorable with its glossy banana-shaped leaves! If provided with lots of love and care, this plant will also produce small, white flowers in the spring that have a slight cinnamon scent.

Hanging Succulents 2 – Burro’s Tail – Sedum burrito

This succulent is a little shorter and thicker than his brother, Donkey’s neck, or Sedum morganianum. This succulent is easy to take care of and extremely low maintenance. It’s also easily spread, so you can start with one, and end up with a lot of this cute little crop, either to keep or to give away as gifts to your friends!

Hanging Succulents 3: String of Hearts – Ceropegia woodii

Hearts-on-a-string is a gorgeous vine with heart-shaped leaves. It can be found with either green leaves, or variegated leaves. The variegated leaves are growing in popularity since they add a lot of fascinating texture to your home!

Hanging Succulents 4: Donkey’s Tail – Sedum morganianum

Donkey’s tail is quite similar to Burro’s tail, except that its leaves are a bit longer. This gives you a thicker vine trailing down the sides of your pot. It is a cult favorite succulent, and for a good reason! This plant looks absolutely beautiful in a hanging basket! Just make sure to place it in an area with low traffic, as its leaves are sensitive and will fall off if brushed against.

Hanging Succulents 5: Ruby Necklace – Othonna capensis

This plant looks a lot like the fishhooks vine, except it’s purple! Many people purchase this plant to add a pop of color to their succulent collection. And given enough sunlight, Ruby necklace will give you a wonderful pop of purple!

Hanging Succulents 6: String of Nickels – Dischidia nummularia

This is such a fun succulent! String of Nickels has thick, round leaves that will soften up any rougher corner of your home. It is also extremely low maintenance and is easily propagated! So get your hands on one of these cute little guys today!

Hanging Succulents 7: Fishhooks – Senecio radicans

Fishhooks are very similar to String of Bananas, though the actual leaves are thinner, thus resembling a fishhook instead of a banana! This plant has coming back in popularity as the succulent craze has grown. So while you may have a hard time finding it in your local garden center, it is easily found online. And enjoy your adorable little fishhooks vine!

Hanging Succulents 8: Hindu Rope – Hoya carnosa ‘krinkle kurl’

Hindu Rope is an excellent plant to have around! It’s swirls of vines makes it stand out in any room. And if you give it plenty of bright light and high-phosphorous fertilizer in the summer, then mature plants can grow pink clusters of fragrant flowers!

Hanging Succulents 9: Monkey’s Tail – Hildewintera colademononis

This plant is actually a cactus, but its needles are quite soft kinda like a Monkey’s tail! The plant can grow up to 2-3 feet in length and, when well cared for, will produce wonderful red flowers! Regardless of where it is placed, this plant will definitely make jaws drop!

Hanging Succulents 10: Sweetheart Vine – Hoya kerrii

This plant is usually sold as a single, rooted leaf. Its growth is slow, but when given time, love and some care it will grow into a beautiful vine with heart-shaped flowers. It is also extremely low maintenance and will produce pink balls of flowers! This is a rare succulent vine that will take a while to grow, but good things come to those who wait!

Hanging Succulents 11: String of Pearls – Senecio rowleyanus

And last but definitely not least is the wonderful String of Pearls plant! It has definitely come back in popularity, as its little beads drape from even the smallest of planters. It is also very easily propagated, so if you buy one plant, you can easily end up with a bunch of them (or send them as a cute gift to your friends!) Just make sure to never go overboard when watering these succulents!

So there we have it! All the hanging succulents you could ever want and more! There is plenty to fill your home with! Have fun with these amazing succulents!

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